Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today was a good day for getting some crafty stuff done while Sophie was sleeping. There were some projects I found blogged around elsewhere and thought it would be fun to try them myself. I love quick and easy projects!

First was the braided fabric headband, the tutorial I used can be found here.

Apparently I was in the mood for pinks and browns, and then I safety pinned a fabric flower to it and I think it looks great!

Next was some more fabric flower brooches, and I love them. I made 4 pink ones, and I have some greens, blues and tan brooches in progress.

I've also made 2 more red fuzzy pillows, since I cant think of what else to do with that fabric. Besides crafty stuff I had to run out and grab Sophie some things, after having lunch with Mark. I took care of my SIL's dog for the day, and such an awesome little dog she is! The sweetest little shitzu ever, rarely barks, good tempered and natured all round, and friendly with other pets and babies.

I've had fluid in my right ear for a couple days now, and its rather annoying. I guess its left over/new cold symptom. Wonderful. Sophie is sick with a nasty cough and congestion. Seems like alot of viruses going around again and lots of people getting sick. I was thinking about it the other day and I've been sick every month this year so far. What a crappy way to start the year!

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