Thursday, August 26, 2010

Been a while!

And I think I have a pretty good reason for it.

Last week, I was in Alberta with Sophie and my folks, and we were visiting my granny. It was a great trip! I almost wanted it to be a bit longer, oh well.

We've been back since last saturday, and since then its been cleaning house. Every. Day. And making some lunches, and some dinners. Two mornings in a row now I've woken up exhausted, which pretty much kills any sort of plans for the early part of the day.

Right now I'm killing time before the play group at 10:30am, and getting some blogging in while Sophie watches cartoons.

Its hard to dress myself these days. I want to wear some of my funkier stuff, but also keeping an eye on the weather and being realistic about having to chase Sophie around all the time, and staying comfortable. Sometimes I'd rather just throw on some sweat pants and a grubby tshirt, but I cant leave the house like that! Its annoying anyway. Being a mom affects so much of life's little details.

Yesterday I got a chance to get to the hospital and get an ultrasound on my cysts. I was in for the new one on my leg that hurts me, and I got the tech to check the big one on my side too. Not sure if I'll hear back on the big one as it was not requested. So lets hope for good things, right? Is it sad that I almost want something to be wrong with me? Heh.

Sophie has been teething the last couple weeks. Eye teeth and molars, oh my! So she's been pretty good about it mostly, and other times she's a real... peach. She has a thing for coloring all over herself, and sucking on the markers. Yes, I was trying to wipe the blue out of her mouth earlier. Also, every day she picks up at least a new word or two, her vocab is growing rapidly. Then she'll stop what she's doing to inspect something, and I'll tell her what its called, and she takes a few minutes to say it, and poke and prod. Like at my nose. Or my eyes.

I need to get myself in gear I think, and work on some more projects, and check if my earrings are selling or not maybe.

Come on. Lets get with it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Going away! Far Far Away!

Yes that's right. Sophie and I are going with my folks to Alberta for a week or so, to see my Granny. Who happens to live on a little farm in the middle of nowhere, and the nearest town is an hour or more away. Talk about vacation! Must make sure I pack enough stuff/entertainment for the little monkey and myself.

I'm really looking forward to it. Getting out of this town for a while, and since we're driving as well, it'll be a really nice road trip too. I'll get to see my great great granny's house again, and hopefully have more time to dig around whatever is left there too. I love it. I think the history is so cool.

We're leaving friday, and it cant come fast enough! Must check my packing.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crafty! - Pillowcase Dress

I just made this for my daughter, after having the pillowcases laying around for a few months already. I love that I had matching green ribbon for it!
It'll be great for the hot days in Alberta next week!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday!

Grow your own garden!

We are! Our sugar snap peas have already come and gone, and they were delicious! We have a few different varieties of tomato plants growing outside, with nice big green fruit on them already. The carrots arent doing a whole lot, I'm not sure what is going wrong there. We have parsley! We have a couple little zucchini (I think) plants. In the green house we have kale, which has gone to seed, and I've collected some already.

This is our third year of trying to garden, and this is the biggest batch of plants we've had yet. The only problem is getting outside every morning and/or night to water them!

Not All Here Right Now

Yeah, say it, I've missed more features. That I recall promising to keep up on and give my blog some interesting things to read. WELL.

Sophie is teething, and probably growth spurting again, we're playing around with the idea of potty training but I dont think she's ready just yet. I also have a trip to Alberta coming up, and I now have a week to pack.

But really? I'd rather just sit on my computer all day and play Spore. I am TIRED. I look to my dining and living room, at the constant mess from my little running tornado, and just the sight of it wears me out. Great accomplishments of the day now include getting a load of dishes done, or washing those god awful ammonia diapers.

A friend once told me that being a stay at home mom is like being a single parent, and her with her wonderful lack of children, is TOTALLY RIGHT. It is. Especially when Mark works 10 hour days, and whatever else he does. I get worn out, okay?

But I do have some projects I've been toying with. Firstly, I am knitting a rag rug doormat thinger out of Mark's old work shirts. Second, I am now working on cutting out bits of felt for the birdie mobiles, only miniature ones instead of Sophie's big one. Then, I want to make a pillowcase dress for Sophie (I know I'm a little late on the timing right? Summer being almost over and all), and possibly a doilie table runner. That is it for now, a few things to work on.

Sophie is currently totally passed out on my bed.. I think I'll go play some Spore.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OK. I forgot the Sunday feature, but you know what? It was one of those really, really lazy weekends. It was even a holiday weekend, with a parade and fireworks and whatnot, and we never did a damn thing all weekend. Which sort of bums me out because I like to go out and do stuff, get out of the house, and try to keep my sanity, but, yanno. Sometimes things dont happen.

Today I'm trying to be productive, and so far, so good. Maybe, I'll even get a workout in, if Sophie doesnt wake up.