Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Tins full of homemade cookies.

My pretty garland.

Under the tree.

Ta-Daaaa... the tree.

So, I've been making Christmas.
I hauled out the tree, decorated it, made more decorations for it, made decorations with the toddlers (sorta). I've been baking, shopping and present wrapping, making other assorted decorations and such, and I've been enjoying almost every minute of it. Wrestling away scissors and glue from toddlers, putting back ornaments that they rip off the tree, trying to come up with stocking stuffer ideas besides a big wad of chocolate.
Some stuff I've bought, some I've made, which I'm happy with. I've enjoyed gathering gifts for people this year.
What else am I doing?
Trying not to be so angry, and disappointed. Or at the very least, trying to not let it get to me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whats new?

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, working my way through the Harry Potter series. I'm on the fourth book now, and already I'm enjoying them more than the movies. A few details better explained, and some other things that were never even touched on! I'm loving it.

And babysitting. Yep. I hang out with toddlers most days. Its a wonder my brain hasnt flat lined to a constant "WEEEEEEEEEEE!" yet.

Today I made myself three belly warmers. A scrappy layered tshirt one, a lined ribbed one, and a super nice purple fleece warmer than I'm wearing right now, and I'm so cuddly and warm! I love wearing layers, and this makes it even more fun. Also called Haramaki's, they're essentially just a tube top, worn around your middle, keeping your kidneys, liver, and other assorted bits nice and warm.

I've got three birds sewn up, and now I just need to attach them to one of the rings, and finish the mobile. At least that will be one finished! I've also been making a few other things here and there: hand warmers, and a tissue pouch. I'm still working on my tshirt rug. I feel a need to be creative, but sometimes I feel so stuck. My only source of inspiration these days are neat blogs that I come across.
Its an itch I cant always scratch.

I (and probably everyone else!) can really notice a difference when I dont take my 5htp or my daily vitamins. Like, WOW. Stay away from me before I bite your head off!