Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whats new?

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, working my way through the Harry Potter series. I'm on the fourth book now, and already I'm enjoying them more than the movies. A few details better explained, and some other things that were never even touched on! I'm loving it.

And babysitting. Yep. I hang out with toddlers most days. Its a wonder my brain hasnt flat lined to a constant "WEEEEEEEEEEE!" yet.

Today I made myself three belly warmers. A scrappy layered tshirt one, a lined ribbed one, and a super nice purple fleece warmer than I'm wearing right now, and I'm so cuddly and warm! I love wearing layers, and this makes it even more fun. Also called Haramaki's, they're essentially just a tube top, worn around your middle, keeping your kidneys, liver, and other assorted bits nice and warm.

I've got three birds sewn up, and now I just need to attach them to one of the rings, and finish the mobile. At least that will be one finished! I've also been making a few other things here and there: hand warmers, and a tissue pouch. I'm still working on my tshirt rug. I feel a need to be creative, but sometimes I feel so stuck. My only source of inspiration these days are neat blogs that I come across.
Its an itch I cant always scratch.

I (and probably everyone else!) can really notice a difference when I dont take my 5htp or my daily vitamins. Like, WOW. Stay away from me before I bite your head off!


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