Friday, January 28, 2011

oh my!

FINALLY I'm feeling inspired and creative!!

Only after finding such awesome blogs/web pages/techniques that hit me hard enough.

Violette is the author from Journal Bliss, who's book I NEED! Finally I'm inspired to work on an art journal, that I've already started, and I've been busily cutting words and images out of magazines, and painting some pages.

Teesha Moore and her blog.
I watched her videos on quilted pillows, and so far I've made 3! I love it! Today I picked up more thrifted fabric for some more sewing fun.

not my photo, just an example!

Otherwise life continues on as usual. Lots of hanging out with toddlers and assorted kiddo activities. I've taken over the dining room table with all the stuff I've been working on lately. Earlier tonight Sophie and I played dress up and I got her wearing her big tutu, wings, other frilly bits, her hair in cute little pigtails, and necklaces! The pretties little fairy princess I ever did see! Photos to post another time. <3

Oh, and its my birthday on tuesday.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Its been a while, again, hasnt it?

Christmas went really well here. My folks came up, and helped me cook Christmas dinner, which we held here. Mark's family came over and everyone enjoyed everything, and went home happy, and I dont think I could have asked for anything more. Sophie enjoyed her presents though still isnt sure what Christmas is all about. We all got a nice haul. Hehe.

We held a small New Years party here, and had some friends come over. Mostly general schmoozing and a bit of karaoke. Mark even stayed upstairs and sang! I was completely impressed. I managed to thrift a cute little vintage looking dress a few days prior, so I dressed up for the party. Why bring in the New Year looking like a schmo? I felt pretty, and looked great! I may even dress up more often now.

This weekend we had a couple friends come up, who we havent seen in 6 months or so. We had a lot of fun, with karaoke, scrabble, and child minding. They being newly married and childless, admittedly use us as a buffer to help decide what age a child they're going to adopt later on. They were amazed at how I handle two toddlers and the trouble they get into. Yesterday morning before my #2 toddler showed up, we left Sophie at home with Mark, and went out for breakfast, and some wandering around downtown. Some much needed 'adult time' for myself which I *SO* very appreciated. It was wonderfully laid back and peaceful, we were able to take our time doing things and looking around. I managed to thrift a small SARK print, and a cute jean skirt that will go great with my cowboy boots in the spring. I also bought the last Harry Potter book, and got a tarot reading done which was very cool and insightful. I took notes!

I've also been reading through the Harry Potter books, and right now I've just started the Half Blood Prince. I love the books! All the little details that were never mentioned in the movies. Its great!

We've got birthdays coming up! I'm not sure what to do for any of them either.
It's been a fairly good time. I realize I need more 'adult' or 'me' time.