Friday, January 28, 2011

oh my!

FINALLY I'm feeling inspired and creative!!

Only after finding such awesome blogs/web pages/techniques that hit me hard enough.

Violette is the author from Journal Bliss, who's book I NEED! Finally I'm inspired to work on an art journal, that I've already started, and I've been busily cutting words and images out of magazines, and painting some pages.

Teesha Moore and her blog.
I watched her videos on quilted pillows, and so far I've made 3! I love it! Today I picked up more thrifted fabric for some more sewing fun.

not my photo, just an example!

Otherwise life continues on as usual. Lots of hanging out with toddlers and assorted kiddo activities. I've taken over the dining room table with all the stuff I've been working on lately. Earlier tonight Sophie and I played dress up and I got her wearing her big tutu, wings, other frilly bits, her hair in cute little pigtails, and necklaces! The pretties little fairy princess I ever did see! Photos to post another time. <3

Oh, and its my birthday on tuesday.

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