Sunday, February 6, 2011


On the first I turned 29. I had a few days off from babysitting so Mark and I took advantage of it. Saturday last week we got a wonderful babysitter for Sophie and had an amazing dinner out, and saw Black Swan.

Awesome movie, equal parts of strange and uncomfortable, and keeps you guessing. It was so nice to be child free for a few hours. Our evening was quiet and pleasant! But you know what would be nice? Having a birthday where I DONT have any kind of health issue. Really. It would be super to feel totally great on a birthday. :P

On the Sunday we had a super yummy breakfast at Tarbell's in Cumberland before driving down to Nanaimo for an hour. I needed to oogle some books and I actually bought 3 and a mag, and a couple things from Micheal's as well. These books are awesome, with some very cute projects in them. I have a TON of fabric I need to start doing something with. The Stuffed mag is SO inspiring! I was looking at the Happiness Project book for a while, finally its in soft cover! I also thrifted 'the no-cry discipline solution' which better be good.

I picked up some glow in the dark bracelets for Sophie since the kids LOVE playing with them, and a little green plastic bucket for my Ponyo Project. I'm kind of determined to make Sophie a little felt Ponyo stuffie for her birthday. I'm almost certain she'll crap herself with joy, HAHAHA!

My folks were up this weekend and surprised me with Journal Bliss and I LOVE IT! Now I just need some alphabet stamps and I think I'll be set for a while.. LOL. They also gave me a little Valentines present, and a few things for Sophie. My mom and I seem to be on the same sort of wave length these days with the things we buy, and think of. Its always oddly funny when that happens. It was great to see them as always, and Sophie loves her grandparents.

It was a great birthday. There's been A LOT of assorted shopping and thrifting, and I've been finding wonderful things! I found some totally cute packaging tape for $0.88 a roll! Three different prints, and I bought two rolls of each, but I may have to go back and buy more.. they're so cute! Right now I'm very much into polka dots! I now have a polka dot shirt, mug, plate, snack bag, ribbons, and fabrics. Sophie is also spoiled, hahaha. She now has 3 different ride on cars. (omg, i know right?!) But then everything gets shared with the other kiddo as well, so.

Here's my cheeky lil' kid. I cant believe she's almost TWO. <3

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