Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Rainbow Birthday Party

We had Sophie's 2nd birthday party this past weekend rather than her actual birthday, the 30th. My folks came up, and usually its easier to get people out on a weekend. Unless there is another birthday party the same day. I was a little bummed out with all the "No" replies to the invite, but it ended up just about perfect anyways.

Being a rainbow theme, it was pretty easy to decorate, and I had lots of fun doing so. I painted rainbows and hung them from the dining room chandelier, bought colored streamers and hung them across and down from a couple of tables. A few other party favors in rainbow colors, paper garlands, fabric buntings, my dad came home with a bunch of balloons. It was great, so wonderfully colorful and happy! Even the toddler dishes that I bought from Ikea were already colors of the rainbow, so I put them out as well, and I also bought a little wooden rainbow toy that Sophie played with after.

There were six toddlers including Sophie and they all got along pretty well, thankfully, not bad for a bunch of two year olds! They played, adults chatted, and as usual I ran around getting things done and taking pictures. My dad made a great carrot cake and the kids loved the cream cheese icing most of all, lol. Sophie actually blew out her candles too.

Sometimes its good I find such great things for cheap, the kids had lots to play with, even if they did have to share and take turns!

Sophie got a nice new bike from my folks, she can even reach the pedals already even if she doesnt know how to move her legs on them yet. Now she just needs a helmet.

Her actual birthday is tomorrow. I cant believe she's TWO. <3

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