Friday, April 30, 2010

its friday.

It ended up being a pretty nice day. Didnt get to the fair yet, but we did manage a baby group this morning, and listened to a speaker talk about recycling. Learned some new stuff, and it got us to rethinking some of our habits.

We had lunch out and Sophie behaved for the first time in a while, which was nice. We walked around downtown a little bit, and I checked out a couple stores I hadnt been in before. LOVE them. Nice quirky stuff, some locally made, some eco alternative items. They're now on my list of favorite stores. I was thinking about possibly seeing if they would be interested in selling some of my stuff, earrings maybe. I was totally stoked to see some sweater cowls made by Mountain Girl Clothing, and I got inspired.

After we got home, and I put Sophie down for her nap, I ran downstairs and did some sewing and whatnot. I made my own sweater cowl from a sweater I had already started cutting up a few months ago. I had already cut the sleeves off for leg warmers. Also I made a pair of wrist warmers as well. 1 item of clothing turned into 3. Yeehaw.

Then I worked on one of Mark's old tshirts, convertible cape/halter/tube top. The back said "Rock Solid" and I put that on the front, and covered the front logo with a piece of tyedye fabric.

I like em!

I need to set up a proper photo shoot area. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonderful Wednsday

I play Dream Of Mirror Online, also called DOMO. I enjoy using my kill combo on squirrels and watching sparkles fly out their ass when they die.

I got out to one of the baby groups finally today, after weeks of not going due to being sick. It was nice to get out and socialize a bit.

Got a package in the mail today from my buddy Carley, a big stack of pictures of Sophie that she took when she was here last, and the manual for the camera she gave me. Joy!

I ate an orange today. I cant remember the last time I had a whole piece of fruit besides bananas.One of my cats apparently likes to eat these. And so do I!

I gave Sophie my big cute purse, again, since she's been diving in there taking out my stuff, again. I also gave her my old wallet, and put some coffee cards and old reciepts in there for her. She loves it!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sketch Quickie.

Taste and Smell, Yoyos, HeartIt

Especially your sense of taste and smell.

Where I've been sick for almost a month straight, (and I have to say that I am fed up with having plugged up ears all the time. BLAH!) I'm starting now to get back those two wonderful senses. I've lived with a mishmash of food textures, and was actually getting bummed out about eating. "Who cares, make whatever you want, I cant taste it anyways. Gr. Harumph."

I recently was at the mall, and sort of smelled cinnamon buns. Today at lunch, I could taste relish on my hamburger! RELISH! And then I could taste coffee.. to which I added more sugar.
Oh joy!
Oh bliss!

I'm so looking forward to tasting chinese food again.


A new thing I'll be getting around to making is some fabric yoyos. Cute and easy, headbands, brooches, assorted pretties. Use up my scrap fabrics.

And this just because.

I've discovered and I love it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

sleepy sundays

I dont know what it is about sundays that sucks out all your energy and make you want to sleep all day.

My folks were up for the weekend which as usual, was totally awesome. I got a new keyboard from the thrift store, yay for buttons that actually work, and also picked up a few things here and there as well. We checked out the earth day fair on saturday for something to do, and checked out a few places around town. It was nice, and Sophie had lots of fun.

Watched 'Precious'.. whoa. I'm still waiting to watch 'The Lovely Bones' but the rental place is out of them still.
Probably the best thing I bought today was a nerf gun. Which I am now going to use, and shoot my hubby off his computer.


Friday, April 23, 2010

html, and crafts.

After much fiddling around with my template html I finally fixed a little blurb that was bothering me. There was a partially hidden link for older posts by my picture, and it was bothering me. Done and gone!

I talked to my buddy Danny most of the day while he was at work, and I think that was the most we've talked in a long time! He's now the oldest internet friend I have, and the only friend I have in the states.

I also escaped the house for an hour and checked out a couple thrift stores. I picked up a few foam wreaths to try some projects with, and a couple pretty skirts.
My parents will be here in a couple hours, and I cant wait! I miss my mama. Then we're watching Avatar tonight, I doubt anyone else is going to show up to watch it.

Tomorrow is the town Earth Day festival, so that should be fun to check out with the family and Sophie. Yay.

I made something pretty for my camera strap, as blogged at

Not my image, but pretty darn close. Its cute.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'd love to win this for sophie! The colors are awesome, and I love that its all recycled plastic!

check it out here at

happy earth day

Happy Earth Day!

We may actually get out of the house today and enjoy some sun. My hubby gets home earlier today, so hopefully we can hit some local businesses and check out the earth day sales. Woo!
I already do a lot of 'green' things, and I'm always researching more things I can do without too much trouble. I'd love to do more, but things like reality, time, and money come into consideration. My SIL has been by the last few days helping us get our garden ready to use this year, and its great since she knows what she's doing, whereas hubby and I just wing it. Haha.

Here's a small green list of stuff we do/use:

- reusable bags for shopping/groceries
- reusable produce bags
- cloth diapers
- homemade cloth wipes
- 'no tp for pp'
- recycle
- compost
- reuse the plastic bags we do get
- shop at thrift stores, craigslist, etc.
- shop consignment
- cloths line

There's a whole lot more, and an application that I really like on Facebook is the 'I am Green' appy, where you can list all the things you do, add, compare, etc. Its cute and fun.

I'm still sick, though not nearly as stuffed up today as I have been, perhaps the oil of oregano I've been taking is starting to work! But then I was coughing all night. I moved to the couch at about 3am and slept against a 4 pillow stack. Blehhh. I'll be so happy when this damn superbug is gone. People all over town have been down with it, even the super health nuts, and 2 weeks seems to be the marker for it. Hopefully this weekend it'll finally leave.

Yesterday I was feeling alright, I even did a low impact workout on the Wii Active. When I'm healthy again (hahaaaa) I'd like to start taking better care of myself.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I feel like poo.

Image from

I love this. Why cant I decorate like that. Sigh.

Still sick, its in my chest now, and I cant breathe out my nose. The assorted pills and syrups I've been taking dont seem to be doing much for me, so I've started taking some oil of oregano, and let me tell you that shit is NASTY!! I'm taking it with some honey.. "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.." At least I was able to sleep, in my bed, last night which was a nice change.

I've done dishes, organized the pantry, made some more headbands with the braided fabric, and some with jumbo ric rac. And sat here at the computer looking at random stuff. I considered running a hot bath, but it might wake up Sophie, and she's thankfully sleeping right now. She seems to be doing great today, some runny nose, but she was running around the house earlier, hyper even. Lucky brat.

I've got some boring white curtain panels that I made a while back, and I'm thinking of embellishing them with ribbon stripes, but I'm not sure if I have any good ribbon to use for that sort of thing. Plus the bottoms got burned against a baseboard heater, so I've also hemmed them up more.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

sick AGAIN.

I've been sick every month so far this year. Bad way to start it off right? Yup! Round 2 of whatever nasty cold is going around, and at least its not in my chest (yet), but my head is super stuffed up, I've been blowing my nose all day, bit of a sore throat, and my ears keep plugging and popping. Sophie at least seems to be doing alright, I noticed she wasnt coughing quite so much today, and didnt seem to be as snotty. C'mon cold meds! Do your thang!

We tried to go out for lunch at Boston Pizza, and got part way through it before Sophie started having another one of her fits. For the second time in the last few days, we've had to pack up our food and leave. I think we should eat at home for a while. Hah. When she's good, she's great, when she's bad, she's horrible! Being sick sucks sure, add that to possible teething and growth spurt, but she's already testing boundaries and limits. The 'terrible two's' are wrong. It's the 'terrible 1+'. :p

Nothing planned for this week, unless I start feeling better soon. Good times, right?

Friday, April 16, 2010

thrifting, crafts, and photos.

After finally getting over the blahsies today, I worked on some more brooches, hopped over to the thrift store with more junk and bought more junk (hehee). And then took some photos.

Sophie models my headband.

Turtle, guardian of the tupperware.

This sweet little plastic lunchbox holds my paint!

Found a cork board to hold the earrings.

Found this beautiful suitcase which now stores some of my yarn stash.

This is my craft table atm.

Found assorted cute at the dollar store!

Oh, and some popsicle molds.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today was a good day for getting some crafty stuff done while Sophie was sleeping. There were some projects I found blogged around elsewhere and thought it would be fun to try them myself. I love quick and easy projects!

First was the braided fabric headband, the tutorial I used can be found here.

Apparently I was in the mood for pinks and browns, and then I safety pinned a fabric flower to it and I think it looks great!

Next was some more fabric flower brooches, and I love them. I made 4 pink ones, and I have some greens, blues and tan brooches in progress.

I've also made 2 more red fuzzy pillows, since I cant think of what else to do with that fabric. Besides crafty stuff I had to run out and grab Sophie some things, after having lunch with Mark. I took care of my SIL's dog for the day, and such an awesome little dog she is! The sweetest little shitzu ever, rarely barks, good tempered and natured all round, and friendly with other pets and babies.

I've had fluid in my right ear for a couple days now, and its rather annoying. I guess its left over/new cold symptom. Wonderful. Sophie is sick with a nasty cough and congestion. Seems like alot of viruses going around again and lots of people getting sick. I was thinking about it the other day and I've been sick every month this year so far. What a crappy way to start the year!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

april 13

The house is getting to me. Clutter and junk strewn about the house, how does all this crap reappear?! ARG! I read so many blurbs on cleaning and organizing and look at pretty pictures of other people's houses and decorating ideas, and I feel like such a gomer in comparison. I'm a stay at home mom with 1 kiddo. Why cant I keep my house is perfect condition? Why cant I craft/sew/be artsy *every* day? Because my ass is lazy and I have no motivation or inspiration to do so! I usually end up spending way too much time online looking at other people's stuff than dealing with my own. BLARG!

Anyway. I pulled the pompoms off this headband I'm wearing today, and I'm rocking the earrings again. I too can be cool and hippy dippy.

There are a few projects I'm hoping to start one of these days, here are some pretty examples to look at.

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12

SWEET! I love how blogger tells you who's following you. 2 people already! yay!
I changed my picture, showing off my earrings. Look! They're awesome. Oohh. Ahhh.
I fixed up the craft market web page a bit. Apparently the link for the application form was too hard to find. Not any more! Also ran some errands today, had some Thai food for lunch. Another nice and mellow day. Spent the evening with Sevvy and Kara, which is way better than sitting on my computer all night. Had some delicious roast beef, potatoes and broccoli for dinner. Yummy. I get to hold on to her serger for a while! Possible goodies to come from that.

Is it just me, or does the text size change in my first post? I have no idea why..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brand New Blog!

After fiddling around with my dot com, and trying to make and style things the way I wanted and failing at it, I decided to just jump on the band wagon and go with blog spot. At least this way I'm on search listings and such, and maybe I'll get people interested in following me. I can dream, right?

An awesome weekend was had.

I thought it was going to be spent crying and worn out from Sophie and her new temper tantrums but instead, yesterday we drove down to Nanaimo for the day to meet up with my folks. We had lunch, did some walking and shopping, and it was so awesome to see them.

Earrings! I've been making these for a while now, I already have 17 pairs made and ready for the craft fair. Holy crap! I want to do a giveaway.. lol.

Today was a wonderful day.

We had to take back a movie and that was the start of today's adventure. After that errand was done, we grabbed lunch at Quizno's and ate at the bird sanctuary on comox rd. It was beautiful, god how I love these sunny days! Sophie had her first drink from a straw, yay juice!

Next we went to Royston to look at the boat wrecks there, and so I could take some pictures for Mark with my awesome new camera. A stop in to Walmart to grab some baby goodies and a ball for the back yard. Staples for a camera bag (which I so needed!) and Winners to look at more storage ideas.

Came home briefly only to have my friend Sev come over with her daughter, and we walked to the park, and let the babies swing for a while. Then back home so I could drop off Sophie and Cuba (was dog sitting!) and we walked to the mall to check out a few things including the new grocery store, which I already love.
Lots of sun and good times.

xo, fran.