Tuesday, April 13, 2010

april 13

The house is getting to me. Clutter and junk strewn about the house, how does all this crap reappear?! ARG! I read so many blurbs on cleaning and organizing and look at pretty pictures of other people's houses and decorating ideas, and I feel like such a gomer in comparison. I'm a stay at home mom with 1 kiddo. Why cant I keep my house is perfect condition? Why cant I craft/sew/be artsy *every* day? Because my ass is lazy and I have no motivation or inspiration to do so! I usually end up spending way too much time online looking at other people's stuff than dealing with my own. BLARG!

Anyway. I pulled the pompoms off this headband I'm wearing today, and I'm rocking the earrings again. I too can be cool and hippy dippy.

There are a few projects I'm hoping to start one of these days, here are some pretty examples to look at.

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