Friday, April 30, 2010

its friday.

It ended up being a pretty nice day. Didnt get to the fair yet, but we did manage a baby group this morning, and listened to a speaker talk about recycling. Learned some new stuff, and it got us to rethinking some of our habits.

We had lunch out and Sophie behaved for the first time in a while, which was nice. We walked around downtown a little bit, and I checked out a couple stores I hadnt been in before. LOVE them. Nice quirky stuff, some locally made, some eco alternative items. They're now on my list of favorite stores. I was thinking about possibly seeing if they would be interested in selling some of my stuff, earrings maybe. I was totally stoked to see some sweater cowls made by Mountain Girl Clothing, and I got inspired.

After we got home, and I put Sophie down for her nap, I ran downstairs and did some sewing and whatnot. I made my own sweater cowl from a sweater I had already started cutting up a few months ago. I had already cut the sleeves off for leg warmers. Also I made a pair of wrist warmers as well. 1 item of clothing turned into 3. Yeehaw.

Then I worked on one of Mark's old tshirts, convertible cape/halter/tube top. The back said "Rock Solid" and I put that on the front, and covered the front logo with a piece of tyedye fabric.

I like em!

I need to set up a proper photo shoot area. Sigh.

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