Friday, April 23, 2010

html, and crafts.

After much fiddling around with my template html I finally fixed a little blurb that was bothering me. There was a partially hidden link for older posts by my picture, and it was bothering me. Done and gone!

I talked to my buddy Danny most of the day while he was at work, and I think that was the most we've talked in a long time! He's now the oldest internet friend I have, and the only friend I have in the states.

I also escaped the house for an hour and checked out a couple thrift stores. I picked up a few foam wreaths to try some projects with, and a couple pretty skirts.
My parents will be here in a couple hours, and I cant wait! I miss my mama. Then we're watching Avatar tonight, I doubt anyone else is going to show up to watch it.

Tomorrow is the town Earth Day festival, so that should be fun to check out with the family and Sophie. Yay.

I made something pretty for my camera strap, as blogged at

Not my image, but pretty darn close. Its cute.

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