Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taste and Smell, Yoyos, HeartIt

Especially your sense of taste and smell.

Where I've been sick for almost a month straight, (and I have to say that I am fed up with having plugged up ears all the time. BLAH!) I'm starting now to get back those two wonderful senses. I've lived with a mishmash of food textures, and was actually getting bummed out about eating. "Who cares, make whatever you want, I cant taste it anyways. Gr. Harumph."

I recently was at the mall, and sort of smelled cinnamon buns. Today at lunch, I could taste relish on my hamburger! RELISH! And then I could taste coffee.. to which I added more sugar.
Oh joy!
Oh bliss!

I'm so looking forward to tasting chinese food again.


A new thing I'll be getting around to making is some fabric yoyos. Cute and easy, headbands, brooches, assorted pretties. Use up my scrap fabrics.

And this just because.

I've discovered http://weheartit.com and I love it!

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