Sunday, April 18, 2010

sick AGAIN.

I've been sick every month so far this year. Bad way to start it off right? Yup! Round 2 of whatever nasty cold is going around, and at least its not in my chest (yet), but my head is super stuffed up, I've been blowing my nose all day, bit of a sore throat, and my ears keep plugging and popping. Sophie at least seems to be doing alright, I noticed she wasnt coughing quite so much today, and didnt seem to be as snotty. C'mon cold meds! Do your thang!

We tried to go out for lunch at Boston Pizza, and got part way through it before Sophie started having another one of her fits. For the second time in the last few days, we've had to pack up our food and leave. I think we should eat at home for a while. Hah. When she's good, she's great, when she's bad, she's horrible! Being sick sucks sure, add that to possible teething and growth spurt, but she's already testing boundaries and limits. The 'terrible two's' are wrong. It's the 'terrible 1+'. :p

Nothing planned for this week, unless I start feeling better soon. Good times, right?

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