Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brand New Blog!

After fiddling around with my dot com, and trying to make and style things the way I wanted and failing at it, I decided to just jump on the band wagon and go with blog spot. At least this way I'm on search listings and such, and maybe I'll get people interested in following me. I can dream, right?

An awesome weekend was had.

I thought it was going to be spent crying and worn out from Sophie and her new temper tantrums but instead, yesterday we drove down to Nanaimo for the day to meet up with my folks. We had lunch, did some walking and shopping, and it was so awesome to see them.

Earrings! I've been making these for a while now, I already have 17 pairs made and ready for the craft fair. Holy crap! I want to do a giveaway.. lol.

Today was a wonderful day.

We had to take back a movie and that was the start of today's adventure. After that errand was done, we grabbed lunch at Quizno's and ate at the bird sanctuary on comox rd. It was beautiful, god how I love these sunny days! Sophie had her first drink from a straw, yay juice!

Next we went to Royston to look at the boat wrecks there, and so I could take some pictures for Mark with my awesome new camera. A stop in to Walmart to grab some baby goodies and a ball for the back yard. Staples for a camera bag (which I so needed!) and Winners to look at more storage ideas.

Came home briefly only to have my friend Sev come over with her daughter, and we walked to the park, and let the babies swing for a while. Then back home so I could drop off Sophie and Cuba (was dog sitting!) and we walked to the mall to check out a few things including the new grocery store, which I already love.
Lots of sun and good times.

xo, fran.

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