Thursday, August 2, 2012

I feel a need...

to CREATE! The last couple of days have had my hands twitching, my brain in overload, and some serious stalking of Pinterest's craft pins. I've been on an awesome roll with making things that are fun and even sometimes useful. The only thing I've noticed is that I can usually get a project done in less than a day, and a great example would be yesterday, where I finished THREE projects. I don't usually need or want multiples of each item, and I can't always rely on Sophie to play with the things I make for her. At least she humors me with a "Oh mom, thanks so much! This is great!".... before she puts it down and plays with something else.
Octopus based on a free pattern found online.

So today I'm wishing that I had a fan/client/buyer base that would be interested in buying my stuff. It would put my growing skills to good use, give me great practice, money to buy more materials, and all that jazz. I once tried to do a craft market when I had an 'in' with the people in charge. I think I was set up for a couple of hours, but I also had my small daughter to take care of and my hubs wasn't into helping me out that day. I got really discouraged and angry, and never bothered again. I once set up a Facebook group, got a bunch of likes from friends, but never sold anything. I once had a little stand in a shop with some crochet earrings, but the only 2 sets that sold were to the ladies who worked there.

Harry Potter inspired magic wants via Pinterest.

Not that I wish to be a huge internet renowned success or anything, but, something would be nice. I like making things for people, and I like it when they or their kids like the product too. Once in a blue moon I'll get a commission for something, and its usually some of my best work. Even all of that, is a hard thing to even think of when I don't know many people on a good friendly basis in the first place, online or in life. Cant count on family either, we are unfortunately too few, and out of touch.

Crochet princess crown, free pattern here.

So here's to hoping and trying not to give up. Maybe I'll make that Facebook page again, start blogging again, nag at people to buy things, and glue a big happy smile on my face so they'll go for it. Maybe try to pimp my goods somewhere, maybe even start an Etsy shop! But, as with most things, I dont know how long this crafty spell will last, how long I'll want to bother with any of this for, how much more work I'll need to bother with if I'm selling anything online (shipping, packaging, etc).

Recycled wool slippers, no pattern, suede bottoms, hand cut and sewn.

All the pictures posted here, are the projects I started and finished in a two day span. Peace out. <3