Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day

Happy Earth Day!

We may actually get out of the house today and enjoy some sun. My hubby gets home earlier today, so hopefully we can hit some local businesses and check out the earth day sales. Woo!
I already do a lot of 'green' things, and I'm always researching more things I can do without too much trouble. I'd love to do more, but things like reality, time, and money come into consideration. My SIL has been by the last few days helping us get our garden ready to use this year, and its great since she knows what she's doing, whereas hubby and I just wing it. Haha.

Here's a small green list of stuff we do/use:

- reusable bags for shopping/groceries
- reusable produce bags
- cloth diapers
- homemade cloth wipes
- 'no tp for pp'
- recycle
- compost
- reuse the plastic bags we do get
- shop at thrift stores, craigslist, etc.
- shop consignment
- cloths line

There's a whole lot more, and an application that I really like on Facebook is the 'I am Green' appy, where you can list all the things you do, add, compare, etc. Its cute and fun.

I'm still sick, though not nearly as stuffed up today as I have been, perhaps the oil of oregano I've been taking is starting to work! But then I was coughing all night. I moved to the couch at about 3am and slept against a 4 pillow stack. Blehhh. I'll be so happy when this damn superbug is gone. People all over town have been down with it, even the super health nuts, and 2 weeks seems to be the marker for it. Hopefully this weekend it'll finally leave.

Yesterday I was feeling alright, I even did a low impact workout on the Wii Active. When I'm healthy again (hahaaaa) I'd like to start taking better care of myself.

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