Friday, August 6, 2010

Not All Here Right Now

Yeah, say it, I've missed more features. That I recall promising to keep up on and give my blog some interesting things to read. WELL.

Sophie is teething, and probably growth spurting again, we're playing around with the idea of potty training but I dont think she's ready just yet. I also have a trip to Alberta coming up, and I now have a week to pack.

But really? I'd rather just sit on my computer all day and play Spore. I am TIRED. I look to my dining and living room, at the constant mess from my little running tornado, and just the sight of it wears me out. Great accomplishments of the day now include getting a load of dishes done, or washing those god awful ammonia diapers.

A friend once told me that being a stay at home mom is like being a single parent, and her with her wonderful lack of children, is TOTALLY RIGHT. It is. Especially when Mark works 10 hour days, and whatever else he does. I get worn out, okay?

But I do have some projects I've been toying with. Firstly, I am knitting a rag rug doormat thinger out of Mark's old work shirts. Second, I am now working on cutting out bits of felt for the birdie mobiles, only miniature ones instead of Sophie's big one. Then, I want to make a pillowcase dress for Sophie (I know I'm a little late on the timing right? Summer being almost over and all), and possibly a doilie table runner. That is it for now, a few things to work on.

Sophie is currently totally passed out on my bed.. I think I'll go play some Spore.

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