Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I got something in my eye this morning, and it took me a while before I could even open my eye to see at all. I can now, but my eye feels scratched or something, still somewhat irritated, and it sucks. Not a great way to start the day! This afternoon I have a doctors appointment, and I get the results of the ultrasound I had done on my cysts. Other than that, I think I'll go by the other consignment places around town and see if they'll take some clothes. I keep forgetting to zip/button up the clothes, what a silly reason not to take something.

I havent been feeling very positive these days, once again I'm stuck in a negative rut. Be it from dealing with Sophie when she's being more than a handful, lack of sleep, stress, or going stir crazy in the house. I'm not inspired to do or make much, and especially with no feedback on anything, I just assume everything I do sucks, and quit.


We had a play date yesterday and it went great! Nice fun people who could be great friends! I need to get Sophie out more, but at least the baby groups will be starting up again soon, so yay to that.

Mark and I had our 2nd wedding anniversary on monday. We havent really done much, nothing special. It's hard with no babysitter for Sophie. But wow, 2 years already!?

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