Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello Blog World!

I'll hang my head in shame. I havent been a good little blogger, have I? I wont throw excuses at you, and without getting too into it, I'll just say that I've been battling some depression, and I'm trying to over come it!

Its been a great couple days for creativity, I spent most of it decoupaging and painting some of Sophie's furniture, some old dark brown stained wood stuff, and its so pretty now. I've been thinking that my (our) lives need more color, shapes and sizes, and I'm starting small with Sophie's stuff. HEHE!

My friends from Victoria came up for the day and it was SO nice to see them again! Even though we didnt do much, its still nice to just hang out and chat. And watch Sophie be silly. Plus they brought me stuff, and bought dinner. I cant argue with that, can I! Hah.

I was looking at some kiddy programs for the season, and I could keep Sophie and myself busy all week if I wanted to! Only 2 or 3 programs would have to be paid for but it would still come to over $100. What will win out? My being cheap, or keeping Sophie entertained? HM!

A friend brought over the first season of True Blood. It's entertaining.

I made coffee today... I hope I didnt break the new coffee maker. Uhh.

xo, Fran.

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