Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling better, Sick cat, This and That.

I've been taking vitamins as well as Echinacea drops, and Oil of Oregano drops (which is so gross), and I feel like I'm on the mend! Wahoo!

So of course, now my cat has to get sick.

I thought it was just a hairball thing a week or two ago when I noticed it. She was trying to bring one up, but couldnt, and would just bring up spit/foam. So I bought some hairball paste and gave it to her twice a day for a few days and I thought it helped since she stopped. But now she's lost a lot of weight, I can feel her spine and hip bones when I pet her now (she used to be a big fatty), and she's so weak and can barely walk. I dont think she's eating or going to the bathroom. So I'm taking her to the vet in a couple hours, getting my MIL to babysit Sophie while I do. Lets hope its nothing serious and nothing too expensive. She's not that old, she isnt supposed to get sick on me yet!

I'm not doing much project wise, I did finish knitting a dishcloth that has been laying around for the last year. I've started a mans hat in a nice gray color, and its a great pattern.

I spent yesterday cleaning house and doing yard work! So naturally my floors are already dirty.

Oh, the futility.

And because I like to dress Sophie up and take pictures:

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