Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sleepy Mornings.

I would love to be up in the early morning hours and get Sophie and myself ready for the day, running off to early toddler groups or the library, or any other bits of excitement. But you know what? I also love sleeping in (read as: getting as much sleep as I can since I'm up at various time through the night) and lounging around with cartoons, waking up nice and easy.

I was looking though etsy last night at crib sheets. CRIB SHEETS. I'm sorry but I dont want to pay more than $20, if that at all, for a crib sheet, I dont care how funky it is! So I may actually go buy some fabric in the near future and make one or two myself. Again, my quest for more colors and patterns!

Here are a couple recent pictures.

I painted her chair, this is the back of it.

The front.

Her decoupaged table.

She loves the rag rugs.

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