Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My SIL and her friend were over here yesterday pickling beets. Naturally I didnt really do much, seeing as I had to chase Sophie around and tend to her. But it was definatly interesting to watch, and I hope I can remember how to do it myself in the future. I tasted a fresh beet and it was delicious! It being the first home grown crop (we have a shared garden) we only got maybe half a dozen jars canned. Something is always better than nothing. SIL is also giving me another bag of clothes, which is always fun. Yay for funky hand-me-downs.

I havent done much with the website/shop in the last few weeks. I cant help it, I am totally uninspired right now. I will probably re-post the scarves, hats and what not that I still have, and see if anyone is interested. I've got the knitting itch again, and I'm currently working on a pair of toddler gloves, in hot pink. I have a beautiful ball of yarn for a nice cozy toque, when I get around to knitting it. Quite possibly some dish clothes as well. I love my knitted dish cloths.

My home decor is shifting a bit, and I'm leaning more towards 'granny-chic'. LOL. I've doilied my couch inspired from here, (hey its covering cat scratches too).
I recently bought a quilt from a thrift store for a buck. It's SO worn, it was a crazy quilt pattern, and almost all the pieces of fabric are worn away, it was outside, dirty, had some melted candy of some kind on it. But I fell in love with it. I took it home and threw it in the wash. It's even better now that its clean, and I dont mind the worn out fabric so much, there's a corner or two that is still hanging in there.

I'm also reading some SARK again. I need to be inspired and motivated.

You know those plush disney chairs, that have some character on them? Have you ever come across a craft project or whatever, where someone has recovered the chair? or sewn something over the character? Even just a soli piece of patterned fabric would be fine, I'm just getting tired of Mickey Mouse watching me all the time.

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