Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally Friday!

But really, it doesnt matter! As a stay at home mother, all my days tend to blend together anyways.

This morning we went to toddler time, and had fun there. We came home and I actually went out back and mowed AND weed wacked the yard. Now the grass starts growing again, after not doing much all summer. I think it got mowed once during the summer? HAH. Now the front yard.. maybe later.

I'm concerned about one of my cats, Turtle. Lately she's been more lethargic, and puking up spit/foam. She's been losing weight, is noticeably lighter, and I can feel her spine. I think a call to the vet is in order.

I've been arguing with myself lately over play dough. YES I KNOW. Crazy right? I'm down with the hip-mama, make your own stuff, yadda yadda. But some days I'm just lazy and want to go buy it instead. Especially when I'd have to go out to buy ingredients for the play dough anyways, why not just buy it? Besides I probably cant make up cool colors either.

My project for yesterday turned out to be a pair of lounge pants for Sophie, out of one of Mark's old tshirts. Not bad for a first try I think! I also got some more felt cut for the bird mobiles I want to make. Its going slowly right now.

My SIL gave me some hand-me-downs, and I'm totally loving this pair of jeans, they fit perfect, and they stretch! No more showing my bum! I LOVE them. Plus she gave me some old magazines, Elle, etc, but I think I'm going to dig these old Style At Home mags! Bye!

xo, fran.

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  1. Your cat sounds like it ate either some mushrooms or might have worms. Best bet is to get it in to the vet. De-wormer is very cheap. Is there grass in the vomit?