Friday, September 24, 2010

Fruit, Playdough, the 5

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Ahh, autumn. If only mine were that pretty, but no! Turn it all gray, and add rain. Lots of rain. Sigh.

Putting fruit in pretty bowls on my dining room table, has made a big difference in the amount of fruit I've been eating lately. Especially in the last few days, where I've eaten more fruit than I have in months. Before it would all sit in a drawer in the fridge and get forgotten about, which only leaves me with a mess to clean up and guilt over wasting food.
Fruit is good!

I caved in, and bought Sophie some play dough. Hey, for under $10 for a pack of 10 small jars, is pretty good I think. And the colors! I couldnt have made play dough this cool. She's really been enjoying it too, the texture, squishing it in her hands, pulling pieces off. So I'm happy she's having fun, but I'm not happy with having to search around for dough and the jars it goes in after. Hmph.

So while I've probably mentioned that I was feeling blue for a while, I'm back to taking the 5HTP and of course its working. So I'm feeling better, but then I go and catch a cold! Not a bad one (yet) but enough to exhaust and annoy me, and Sophie's got a bit of a cold as well. Here's to hoping this may be looking up.

I've been dog sitting again for the week, and while she's a great little dog and no trouble at all... I am not a dog person. Walks and stuff? Jeez.

I havent got much done with my projects lately, even though I'm still looking forward to them.

Hope you're all well.

xo, fran.

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