Saturday, September 25, 2010


While I wasnt feeling too bad the other day, now its a full on cold. I needed kleenex today, STAT. Arent they funky boxes? Mark's worse than I am, he's got an ear ache to deal with as well. Sophie's seems to be doing better than we are, naturally.

I've replaced a picture I didnt like with these, that I mostly put together today. Its a piece of wall behind the couch, Sophie's fort area that she doesnt use much. Yet. I think itlooks much better.

Instead of markers (she's lost the purple one already, OI) today, we played with some play dough.

Also picked her up some clothes at superstore, that were mostly on sale, a pink pair of tights, and sage green colored play suit set, and a red apple pattern shirt with red shorts. Like this:

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