Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So tired today.

I dont know what it is, pollen that came down in the wind or something, but i'm SO so so tired today. My FACE is tired. My eyes are heavy, I have no energy at all, and I am barely keeping myself from crawling into bed and napping. I hate days like this, it is so hard to get anything done. All I've been doing so far is lurking around online, and reading the first Harry Potter book. I did manage to drag Sophie and I out to meet Mark for lunch today, and I swear I could totally live off of Thai food. Yum.

Unfortunately I just missed out on a chance to get the ultrasound on my leg done today, since I have Sophie with me. I have cysts that ache and bother me, and need it checked out. I guess I could have quickly called around for a babysitter, but oh well. Another day.

I made my first potato salad the other day, only because I had to use up some cooked potatoes, hah.

Ahh, back to Harry Potter I think.


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