Sunday, June 6, 2010


Dont you love my new doily layout? I do!

Let's see. I cant honestly recall anything blog worthy for the past week. Life was there, days went by, etc etc.
I've been on roller blades a few times now, trying to get used to them, and get back in shape, since Mark is learning to roller skate again. We switch off walking with Sophie, so we both get some exercise in.

Our garden is coming up nicely, only one tomato plant has been chewed on, and I had to cut back some rose bushes or whatever they are so another plant could get more sun. Did yard work, which is always good. There's a garter snake that live in our backyard, and while I'm not scare of it, it startles me every time I come across it when it starts slithering away.

I rearranged some furniture in the house, trying to make it nicer upstairs, and getting rid of small headaches. I had Mark move our dinning room table downstairs (his game table anyways, old and stained, etc) and all his gamer junk as well. I kicked the saturday night gamers downstairs, they can have their own room and washroom and such, and it worked out perfect for everyone. Now we need a new table to eat at! Hopefully I can find something nice.
Also moved my computer desk so Sophie can crawl across it and wreck anything. Yay.

Housework, washed the floor and whatnot. I kept seeing a smear of god knows what across the floor and it was really starting to get to me. HAH.

I've been busy working on our craft market web page lately, which is going well. See it here: Http://

I've almost got my craft table ready to go, something to work on this week. Hopefully I can make some cash one of these days.

I've been trying to do more research on my family tree, with some success, but I can only do so much online. Especially when I need info from Ontario and other far away places.

Sophie's doing more new things, which both terrifies me and makes me proud. I had a friend the other day tell me she's not a baby anymore, she's like a little kid already. I could just cry. LoL. Sigh.

Sophie says: "Daaaaaaad, gimme your keeeeeeys!"

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  1. AWE!
    She is growing more every day. Love each stage, and she is far from a big kid! When she's around 2.5 or 3 then she is getting bigger. (and by then you'll have another anyhow) hahaha

    x0x0x Erika