Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday.

(Whoa I havent blogged in a week!)

Its Sunday, which means another round of 'getting to know you! by! Grab the picture, and join on in. Its fun. Really.

1. If a person has a booger in their nose. and you can see it, do you tell them? If its someone i know, sure..

2. What are you passionate about? Hard to tell these days..

3. How long have you been blogging?Too long, and its never very interesting. :P

4. What is your favorite "summer" drink? iced tea.

5. What is your favorite type of music? Almost all, and it depends on the mood.

6. Something I do before I go to bed is......? Take my happy pill.

7. My Summer vacation plans are...? I dont have any yet. :P

8. My favorite must have, can't live without, beauty product is? chap stick /lip gloss!!

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