Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I want to craft! Finally I've got the itch to do so, and I managed to do a small bit today while Sophie napped. I made a few more matchbook notepads, and a couple pairs of earrings. I'm still setting up my craft table, and I think I'll be taking a picture of what I have so far to get some comments and critic on it. I think my main items will be earrings and accessories, but I think I'm going to throw a few random things in there to spice it up. We'll see. I'm sort of looking forward to the craft fair, but I'm also dreading it, as it is my first one, I've never participated in a craft fair before, and I'm doubting myself as per usual.

This morning I had a Vampire Diaries marathon. I love our PVR, and I record VD every thursday. It was a nice mellow way to spend the morning with Sophie playing with her toys, and Mark home sick in bed.

Our veggie garden is coming along nicely! The peas are just coming up out of the dirt now, and the tomato plants are still looking good. Today I planted a couple zucchini, long cucumber, and radishes. Who knew radishes need to be planted every 10 days? HUH.

I love my SIL, she knows about awesome stuff like gardening and canning, which we'll be doing lots of!

Finally got new pictures off my camera.

xoxo, f.

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