Thursday, May 13, 2010

ok, so its been a few days..

My arms itched for 4 days after all that yard work, I dont know if its from the sun, or some plant I got into in the yard, but I finally found sweet relief when I put some Benadryl itch spray on my arms.

I'm feeling better! Being sick for a month straight was a long haul, and I'm starting to feel better, and just in time too, apparently, because now Sophie has a cold. AND she's teething. Sigh.

I'm on a new kick to take better care of myself, and my first step was to buy some good healthy groceries. I have this book:

and based most of my grocery list off of one of theirs, and being the smart shopper I try to be, half of my items were on special. Woo. There are meal plans, daily and weekly menus, recipes, and other goodies.

Hopefully, things will progress well.

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