Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy busy

This past Friday, Mark got a tattoo. Done by a guy I used to know who was guest spotting at a local tat shop, Masonic symbols, and it looks awesome, but even better was when he bought me a tripod for my camera right after. HAH!

Saturday was spent in Vancouver for Mark's aunt's 85 birthday. It was a long day, aside from being awkward around people I've only met a couple times before, tired from dealing with Sophie, and it was a hot day to boot! I took some pictures of everyone, trying to get more practice in with my camera, and after reading the manual for a while, I figured out how to do black and white photos, as well as sepia, and different color stuff. I got some awesome pictures of Sophie while she was asleep in her car seat.

Sunday was yard work day! My SIL Tracey came over, and we got almost a dozen tomato plants planted, carrots, planted the parsley, and found a potato plant growing in our compost bin which we should find a place for. Then I mowed the lawns, while I had Mark available to watch Sophie. He had to scoot off to Lodge, so us girls went over to Sevvy's for dinner, and hanging out. We plunked the babies in the bath together, and it was super cute! They're total BFF's. Hehehe.

Today was apparently house cleaning day, as I did it all afternoon!! The house looks and smells awesome, but now my back is starting to bother me. I wonder if Sophie will let me use the Wii board for some yoga to stretch it out. Hm!

Since our peas are starting to come up, and I dont want Sophie playing in the garden anymore, I set up an old drawer full of dirt, rocks, pine cones that she can play with, and she loved it so much she crawled right in there. When I pulled her out to go back inside the house, she threw a fit for about a half hour. Wowie.

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