Monday, May 3, 2010

Productive Monday

While I'm waiting for my home dye job to set in, I thought I'd blog at you a bit.

Today has been most productive, in getting errands done, and whatever else around the house. I dropped off a bunch of glass jars to the glass bin, dropped off a bag of junk at sally anne (and forgot the other half at home, doh!), bought a cubby shelving unit and a couple storage baskets, and some latch/hooks for the pantry. I got the shelf assembled and in use, and ended up rearranging furniture in Sophie's room again. I got the latch on the pantry door, so Sophie cant get in there anymore, no more chasing soup packets and seasoning jars.

Then I eventually got around to scraping some caulking out from around our bathtub. I hate our shower/bathtub. HATE. Its tiled, and there wasnt enough grout put on and it wasnt sealed very well (unless its really old now, who knows). We've tried about half a dozen times now to just put a bead of caulking around the edge, to keep it cleaner, nicer, and all those good things. Because bathtub mold sucks. But it just wont set! Nothing Mark has tried has worked yet. I'd rather just bleach the whole thing and dry it out, and put in a new shower insert, damnit.

I hear a baby waking up...

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