Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh blogger! I've been busy, I swear!

This weekend was busy to say the least! We ended up with a house full of people starting friday night. J and Z came up to look at houses and schools and such before they move here in the summer, it was great to visit and hang out with them! Z had lots of fun with Sophie and the cats, and J brought a super yummy watermelon.. lol.

My folks arrived saturday morning, my mom having only been back on the island for maybe a day after coming back home from visiting her family out in ontario. She came back with some goodies for me, money from my grandmother, and quilt set (beautiful!), old family photos, and a whack of papers on family trees/history, all of which I adore! I dont know how much time I spent reading through the papers, and highlighting varies great grandparents and such, tracing them back from my grandfather to six generations back, around 1710! TOTALLY AWESOME. Since it seems to stop at my grandfather, a future project might be working on a new tree starting with him.

The quilt is great, though I was hoping for something handmade by a family member, they were all big heavy double quilts that my mom couldnt pack, lol.
The photos are great, I love putting names to faces.

We went shopping and picked up some stuff for around the house. Sophie finally has shelves in her room! So I've been in there reorganizing things AGAIN.

Saw a friend of mine and some of her roller derby group practicing, and I have to say I'm intrigued. I like the physical exercise aspect of it, and the skating and the style, the the idea of pain scares me! Haha!

This morning was the Empire Days parade in Cumberland, which I walked in with some other belly dancers. It was fun. :D

We watched the last episode of Lost today, and we sat around and cried! While it didnt answer all questions, it was a great last episode.

I have some photos of Sophie eating watermelon that I'll get around to posting later. They're so cute!

Have a great night!

xoxo, F.

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