Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello Monday.. we meet again!

Hello bloggers!

So, in the back yard we have a pile of wood under a tarp left by the former owners of the house, and this past weekend my folks were up and I had asked my dad about bashing together some benches or whatever with the wood, use it up, etc. He went poking around the pile, and then we discovered this little beauty:

A Bumble Bee hive! It took me and Google a while to figure out what kind of bees we had, Mark and I hoped it would be honey bees and then we could get it taken away without destroying the hive. BUT its Bumble, so I dont know what we need to do about it. Try to move it?

Anyhoo.. I've been working on my shop and added some baby sweaters that my MIL makes. Hoping to get more things posted soon.

Note to self: dont fiddle with filezilla! I was mucking around with it the other day and photos stopped uploading properly, I have it fixed now and need to go back to the market site and fix a few things. WHEW.

While Mark and our buddy Zach were playing guitar at the craft market, one highlight of the day was Sophie stealing $5 out of the case!


  1. That picture is so cute! She knows what to grab!

  2. LOL.. classic and fantastic..