Friday, July 16, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday!

A new feature I'm going to try and stick with, giving you some eco tips, or neat ideas I find online, and such. I try to be as green and eco-friendly as I can, (and afford!); I love looking at all the 'green' books in bookstores that all tell me the same thing over and over. Shop with reusable bags! Ditch disposables! Turn off your lights! I like finding a *new* idea, something I havent read or heard of before. I've used the Facebook application "I Am Green" and its a great way to discover new things, and keep track of all you do. Personally, I do a lot. I'll have to list it all here one day, just so you can be in awe of my awesomeness. HAH!

So here's my first tip: reusable produce bags.

I HATE plastic bags, and I especially HATE all those little produce bags that accumulate in your cupboards. I've seen recently that in different grocery stores they are using biodegradable bags now, recyclable, etc. That is good to see. Myself, I bought reusable mesh produce bags from Thrifys, and loved them.. until I lost most of them. I can only find 2.
I'll have to buy some more.

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  1. I have a little reusable bag in a pouch attached to my slingpack. That bag has paid for itself sooo many times because it's light, always there and holds a hell of a lot of stuff. Mischa and I use it on Wednesday Farmer Market days most of the time and I use it when I'm out wandering and end up buying something that doesn't fit in the pack.