Thursday, November 11, 2010


So, this time I have a good excuse for not blogging much. HAHA!
I've taken on babysitting full time. Imehjen is another girl, 2 weeks older than Sophie, her mother and I were in the same prenatal classes and such. I thought it'd be nice to help her out since she was always stuck for a good babysitter, gives Sophie and Im a buddy to hang out with everyday, and keeps me busier, and I get some money too. Its win-win all around. Its been a few days now, and the girls are getting along great, and its so entertaining to watch them, especially when they're really into playing and being silly!

Its funny, because last week I was thinking about how much stuff Sophie has (thanks to me) and how spoiled she was getting, when now that there's another kid in the house, its perfect, now there are enough toys to go around and distract them. I may need another foam chair though.

I have to admit, I do have alot of fun with them too. Last night, I turned my entire living room into a fort, with a few entrances, and I had thrown all the couch cushions on the floor and tossed a quilt over top. So the girls were rolling and falling around and generally enjoying themselves. It was super cute.

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