Monday, October 25, 2010

I've been a crafty, crafty girl!

After browsing camera strap covers on lately and cringing at paying over $30 for one, I skipped downstairs and made myself this:

Purposely left scrappy looking, I simply adore it. Even though its not quite what I wanted, I may have to make myself another one day. And now a friend wants me to make her one too, and another friend may want to buy one. OH!

I finished knitting the dude toque I've been working on, and I think someone is interested in buying it. Just a couple missed stitches circled in this photo.

Apparently in Japan, the crochet earrings style is very popular. Maybe I need to get my stuff at a couple more different places in town. HRM.

I'm wearing a skirt today. Can you believe it? ME. IN A SKIRT. Maybe I'll post a picture..

I've started a 'snow day' hat, pattern taken from A Beautiful Mess for Sophie, and a crochet circle fall garland. I love the look of both, and think they would be super cute to have.

I've been doing a lot of blog browsing lately, finding some great, crafty, inspirational people, and have nicely added them to my google reader. I guess I should be leaving them comments with links to my blog, right? How else am I supposed to get myself out there and make friends?

xo, Fran.

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