Sunday, October 21, 2012

love and repurpose.

On one of my thrifting trips I happened to spot a lovely quilt. It wasnt the cleanest of stores, and sure the quilt was dirty, had some candy stains on it (even a candy too I recall, yuck!), some dog hair, and it was pretty ratty looking. But all I saw were the colored bits of fabric, and the stitching. I tentatively touched a clean spot when I found one, and it was soft.

I think I paid a dollar for it.

I washed it up, and have been using it since. I love it. I've had it on my daughter's bed, I've had it on my couch, and happily wrapped around myself.

Funny thing is, my mother *hates* it. Thinks I should toss it since it is so ratty looking.

Well I've had it folded up and put away for the last few months, until today when I saw someone else's AWESOME post about something similar, and it inspired me. I hauled out this quilt, and one of the body pillows we've had in storage, (Why does stuff that's been stored always smell? Gag).

I sewed up the quilt to be one big pillow case, perfect for my daughter's twin bed. I still love it, and I hope she does too. You too, mom.)


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