Friday, April 13, 2012

on potty training

I LOVE how quickly Sophie has taken to using the potty. Sure, a number of accidents here and there but she's getting better, and I am so proud of her. Already noticeable is the lack of diaper reek in the bathroom, and a smaller garbage load for the week. Her latest pack of boy short style panties are SO. CUTE.
We're still using pullups at night time obviously. Also having another potty trained kiddo around the house every day is a huge help, as they tend to make bathroom trips together. Good thing I had two potties already. Outings are getting better as well, as Sophie tells me when she feels the need to go, whether she does anything or not. Sometimes I think she's playing games with me.
I have the book "How to potty train in one day!" and I think I only ever got a few pages in. Sophie finally clued in to it all around her 3rd birthday. For a while I was rewarding her with M&M's, and I've slowly been moving away from that.
Mark mentioned he hopes to have them using the toilet in a week, and just keep a little stool in there for them, and get the potties out of the house. (He has a habit of stubbing is toes on the mini land mind of potties, cleaning caddy, and stool that I leave in the bathroom. HAH!) Baby steps I think. Baby steps. Also? THANK GOD that I still have the diaper sprayer attached to the toilet. YouknowwhatImean?
So what am I not digging? Or rather, what is totally grossing Mark out? (HAHA!) It is the "Come and see!" side of it. No one wants to see it kiddo. Not even Grandma. Thanks.

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