Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Again.

While life isnt always as boring and uneventful as I usually make it out to be, its hard to remember the good fun moments, or even to put much meaning or significance behind them.

This morning Sprout and I went to our Gym Tots class and had a lot of fun. She's one of the older kids there, and this week had more kids in the class, so there was more fun and learning to be had. Sprout actually had more fun with swinging on the rings, the bars, balance beams and trampolines! I was quite impressed, as I was feeling iffy on the class this go around for some reason.
My friend Sev and her daughter K came over in the afternoon and we ended up going for a wonderfully lovely walk to the air park, around it, and back. So good to get out of the house and away from screens, especially when the weather is still nice!
This evening I was pleased to receive a phone call letting us know we got into the Mother Goose program at the rec center! Good thing I put our name on the 12 person wait list, yowza! I was looking at my planner, and we've got something to do every single day during the week! Fabulous! We've also started going to a new tot group, tomorrow will be our second visit, and we both really enjoyed it last week.

Last night I tried my hand at some kool-aid play dough. It was a success! Nice and pink! I managed to find some used play dough accessories the other day, so we hauled those out, and the play dough out of the fridge, and Sprout had a great time. She pretended the play dough was a baby, feeding it, carrying it, and I even heard her talking to it. She even put every thing away after I asked her too! Hurrah!
This evening, in another attempt to keep her away from her tv, we painted some rocks together, and it was pretty fun. I'm on a mission to try toddler friendly fun new things!

Sprout had a good day.

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